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MALA, bouddhisme au quotidien

  Where do we come from ? 

We are part of the Karma Kagyu school whose Spiritual Head is

the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dordje.

This school practices Vajrayana Buddhism sometimes called Tibetan Buddhism.

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MEDITATION, bouddhisme au quotidien
MEDITATION, bouddhisme au quotidien
MEDITATION, bouddhisme au quotidien

To give interested persons an opportunity to integrate buddhism into their daily lives, we have created a Sangha* in Mulhouse.

For the moment, its activities include the weekly joint practice, teachings and short retreats, as well as regular meetings.

*a community of individuals practicing the Buddhist path.

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Furthermore, we wish to construct a "secular monastery" in the countryside, where non-ordained practitioners wishing to dedicate their life to Dharma can practice and train together on the Buddhist path.

This place is also destined to occasionally welcome Buddhist practitioners as well as beginners on this spiritual path.

Those persons who already practice will thereby have the chance to deepen their practice and to train on the path towards Enlightenment in a Buddhist context with the support of the Sangha.

People new to Buddhism will be able to discover a way to live Buddhism on a daily basis.


A secular monastery

Project of creating in the countryside a place for practicing and applying Dharma



... the gateway to Enlightenment...


Association Vivre l'Éveil

Our activities are supported

by the association "Vivre l'Eveil".

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MALA, bouddhisme au quotidien

The practices and activities proposed here are for both beginners and confirmed practicionners engaged on this path already for some time.

Please note that before engaging a Buddhist practice, it is necessary to have acquired personal stability and self-esteem, failing which existing psychological problems may significantly worsen. In this case, the Buddhist path can under no circumstances replace psychological or psychiatric treatment.


       +33 7 66 56 45 76

       34 rue du 57ème régiment de transmissions

       68100 Mulhouse - France


Just across the street from the Residence (the Residence's parking space is private).

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