(Reiner Carstens)

Since he met his master Lama Tchogdroup Dordje in 1990, Reiner has been practicing the Buddhist path since 1992.


He completed the traditional 3-year retreat at the Karma Migyur Ling Center in Montchardon (France) under the direction of Lama Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche, Lama Teunsang and Lama Zangpo.

After ten years spent in Montchardon, including the 3-year retreat, Reiner left Montchardon with a project together with his wife of initiating a Dharma Center near the Franco-German border or closeby.

He currently directs weekly and monthly practices proposed in Mulhouse and regularly teaches there.

Lama Tchogdrup Dordje

photograph:  Salva Magaz


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The practices and activities proposed here are for both beginners and confirmed practicionners engaged on this path already for some time.

Please note that before engaging a Buddhist practice, it is necessary to have acquired personal stability and self-esteem, failing which existing psychological problems may significantly worsen. In this case, the Buddhist path can under no circumstances replace psychological or psychiatric treatment.

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