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Cycle of teachings during the summer : “Our emotions, key to compassion and wisdom”

This summer we propose a cycle of teachings via Skype. The dates will be on Sundays the 05th July, the 19th July, the 02th August, the 16th August, the 23th August, and the 06th September from 09:30am to 12:00am, followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers.

One can follow all the sessions, but it is also possible to participate only on some or even one of them. In any case one will have the possibility to learn something about oneself and how one is functioning.

The teachings will be given in French.

We like to ask you to register some days before every session via this e-mail address :

The number of participants is limited to 12 persons per session.

The informations for the Skype connection will be sent to you after having registered. Beforehand one information : If you prefer to use Skype anonymously, you just let your microphone and camera switched off, and you do not put your photo in you profile.

All of us we have emotions like anger, desire, and jalousy, that is very normal. The problem with the emotions is, that they have a strong influence on us and bring us again and again in difficulties, without being really aware of it.

In its essence our mind is joyful, compassionate, and wise. And it has the potential to find itself solutions for its own problems. But for this it is necessary to look into oneself, in order to understand how it is working.

With the help of Buddha's teaching we can learn to use our emotions positively and to liberate ourselves from their painful influence, and in the same time to reveal the fundamental qualities of the mind : joy, compassion, and wisdom.

Photo by Tengyart/Unsplash


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