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Refuge is a state of mind in which we turn away from our old habits and ideas and orient ourselves towards something new that gives a deeper meaning to our own life. This "something" are the Three Jewels Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Buddha is both the ultimate goal of the Buddhist path – the enlightened state, as well as the accomplished master; the Dharma that are the explanations and methods on this path; and the Sangha is made up of the advanced ones who support us along the way.

By practicing the Buddhist path, we refer to a dimension of reality that goes beyond our current power of imagination and that is at the same time inherent in our own being. The experience of this dimension of reality is preserved in an ancient tradition whose knowledge and realization is still passed on in an authentic way from master to disciple and thus kept alive to this day.

The fact that both the Buddha and his successors followed this path as ordinary human beings and only achieved enlightenment through the application of the Dharma shows that transformation is indeed possible - even today, and for us as well.

If we decide we want to realize enlightenment ourselves, the first step on this inner path is to take refuge in the Three Jewels by entrusting ourselves to their protection, guidance and blessings. With this trust and the certainty that we too have the potential to realize enlightenment, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha will be our constant companions on this path.

If you wish to take refuge or obtain more information, please contact

Lama Damchö Njima:


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MALA, bouddhisme au quotidien

The practices and activities proposed here are for both beginners and confirmed practicionners engaged on this path already for some time.

Please note that before engaging a Buddhist practice, it is necessary to have acquired personal stability and self-esteem, failing which existing psychological problems may significantly worsen. In this case, the Buddhist path can under no circumstances replace psychological or psychiatric treatment.

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Om Mani Peme Hung


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