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Goals of the association

The purpose of the association is the practice of Buddhist cult in the Karma Kagyu tradition of the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje, the practice and application of the Buddha's teachings in the daily life, especially those concerning the six paramitas, the teaching and diffusion of Buddhist traditions and cultures, and the gathering of individuals who wish to benefit from the teachings and/or who wish to practice the Buddhist cult.

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Why support us?...

We have decided to operate on a "free price" principle.

This allows everyone, whatever their level of income, and even without any income, to freely attend the practices and activities proposed by the association, and to give what they feel is right for them and for us.

However, the activities and projects we carry out have a cost, especially in terms of time spent by preparing and carrying them out, which is time not invested in remunerative work.

Therefore, the support that you bring to the association allows us to carry out the activities of Dharma's preservation and teachings, to accomplish the daily practices (Meditation, Chenrezig...) and to work on the project that is particularly dear to our hearts: the foundation of a lay monastery.



Our mode of governance

In order for everyone to feel safe, free to speak, respected and not judged during our meetings and exchanges, we have chosen to operate on the mode of governance proposed by the sociocracy.

We apply several founding principles: elections without candidates, decision-making by consent, a system of working circles, and the regulation of our meetings by the so-called "rules of the game", with a different person conducting them each time.


Wenn Sie sich in dem Verein ein wenig, etwas mehr oder auch viel engagieren möchten, sei es vor Ort oder aus der Ferne, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte unter:




Sie möchten unsere Aktivität und unsere Projekte unterstützen, ohne sich konkret einzubringen oder an den angebotenen Praktiken teilzunehmen - kontaktieren Sie uns unter:




Es liegt Ihnen am Herzen, die von uns getragenen Projekte zu unterstützen, und uns materiell und/oder finanziell mit mehr als 1000€ pro Jahr zu helfen, bitte kontaktieren Sie uns unter:





Take note please...

As from 2021, the participation to the activities proposed (i.e. the pujas of Chenrezig, Amitabha, the teachings, and so on) will be depending on the membership to the association.

You can become a member at any time.

The amount of the membership depends on the moment you join.


Hier können Sie die Liste der Mitgliedsbeiträge für ein Kalenderjahr herunterladen


Wenn Sie sich für den Zweck unseres Vereins, seinen Aktivitäten und Projekten, interessieren, senden wir ihnen gerne auf Anfrage unsere Satzung und die internen Regelungen zu.








Donations and legacies

We finance our activities on the base of the subscriptions, the donations, and the legacies that might be proposed to the association.

Those donations represent one of the aspects of the first Paramita : the generosity.

In concrete terms, they are used for covering the costs of the association (i.e. rent, heating, insurances, internet, phone, trips for the research of a place), and for preparing the project of foundation of a lay monastery...

We are grateful for any donation, whether it is small or large.

The amount of the gift does not matter, what is the most important is the sincerity of the donation.

The association is careful about the origin of the donations that it receives, especially that they correspond to the buddhist precepts and to the ethic in general.

A link to a teaching given by Lama Gendun Rinpoche about the génerosity : dhagpo, Tendrel review


Tax reduction

We should have the possibility, within the year 2022, to make contacts with international foundations (in the E.U.), in order to implement a system that could allow you to benefit from the tax advantages of your fiscal residence.

For the year 2021, we are sorry not to be abble to issue fiscal receipts.


Welcome !

The practices and activities proposed here are for both beginners and confirmed practicionners engaged on this path already for some time.

Please note that before engaging a Buddhist practice, it is necessary to have acquired personal stability and self-esteem, failing which existing psychological problems may significantly worsen. In this case, the Buddhist path can under no circumstances replace psychological or psychiatric treatment.

To contact us...


       +33 7 66 56 45 76

       34 rue du 57ème régiment de transmissions

       68100 Mulhouse - France


Just across the street from the Residence (the Residence's parking space is private).

Om Mani Peme Hung

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